Vigil for the ghost of Mary Gallagher 26/06/2012

Une veillée pour le fantôme de Mary Gallagher aura lieu le 26 juin à l’angle des rues Murray & William à Griffintown. Cette année, à partir de 20 heures, il y aura aussi une variété de divertissements pour accompagner la veillée pour le fantôme.

The ghost of Mary Gallagher is rumoured to return every seven years looking for her head.  There is a vigil to watch for the ghost in Griffintown at the corner of William and Murray.  This year, beginning at 8pm,  there will also be a variety of entertainment to accompany the vigil.

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4 Responses to Vigil for the ghost of Mary Gallagher 26/06/2012

  1. Mireille Voyer says:

    Je serai présente à la vigile et essaierai d’y attirer des amis.
    Mireille Voyer

  2. Donna says:

    Will a priest be there to say blessings like Father McEntee used to do? It was just a gathering then with a blessing for the repose of her soul not a festival.

  3. Gilles Riviere says:

    j’accompagne mon fils il a peur des fantôme….hi hi

  4. Donovan King says:

    Thanks to all the artists and organizers involved for an incredible performance! What a wonderful theatrical way to mark the return of Mary’s ghost!