Istvan Lakatos Gypsy Trio

22h00 – 22h45 ~ New City Gas : 141 Ann ~ Grand Loft

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  1. Istvan Lakatos says:

    Istvan Lakatos is from a traditional gipsy musician family,started playing the violin in the age of three.At the age of 16 he became a leader of a gipsy band.He played all over europe ,Austria,Germany,France,Brussels,HollandFinnland,Spain,Sweden,etc…
    Came to Canada,Mpntreal in 1984,Played with Jaque Lacombe conducter with Amati chamber orchestra a gipsy evening as a soloist.
    At this time he is the principal violinist with the wordl symphony orchestra.
    Every week in montreal H e playes with his gipsy ansemble on blv.St -Laurent (4134)